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1931 Tactical Escape Kit

Used to aid in egress from multi-story buildings in situations where soldiers are pinned down in the building with no rear exit.

1937 Petzl EXO AP Personal Escape System w/Bag

The Petzl EXO Personal Escape System provides firefighters with a fast, reliable means of escape from a burning structure when using a conventional exit is no longer possible.

543 Yates Harness Extension

Specially designed to girth hitch to Yates escape belts and class II seat harnesses that are used or integrated into turnout gear for extension of personal escape systems.

Military EXO Personal Escape System

Military version of Petzl fire/rescue personal escape system.
From $489.95

544 Technora® Rappel Daisy Link

Super light weight short daisy chain designed to allow you to extend your rappel device further away from your body to allow safer egress over edges such as window frames.