FAST/SPIE Rope & Rope Bags

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480 Riggers Gear Bags

Extra-beefy gear bag with square corner design, allows easy stacking.
From $149.00


Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction Systems provide efficient and safe methods for inserting and evacuating personnel to and from specific targets.

FAST Rope Rappel Device Kits (Trango)

These kits allow an operator to take a dog or a person who can not FAST rope down a FAST rope.

Military SPIE Rope

All Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) ropes are made in accordance with drawings 829 AS 201-1, and come with 10 D-ring attachment points.
From $1,500.00


Designed for the US military for storage and deployment of fast rope used in insertion and extraction operations. Made from the highest quality, extra heavy duty urethane coated nylon for use in extreme situations.
From $650.00

925 YATES Tactical Rappel / Fast Rope Gloves

Thick full-grain leather second palm extends over the palm and to the second joint of your fingers to provide added protection from the heat and friction generated when fast roping and rappelling.
From $50.00