Low Elongation/NFPA

Standard spool length 600 ft.

Static Rope can only be ordered in standard lengths 150, 200, 300, 400, 600 ft.

Static rope is only available in meter lengths as a special order with a 10% sur-charge.

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NFPA 7/16 Inch (Technical Use)

BlueWater Ropes 11.5mm (7/16ā€³) White SafeLine NFPA Static Rope.

NFPA 1/2 Inch (General Use)

Polyester sheath over a double twist nylon cable core.
From $1.10

DGR Rope Access Rope

Designed in conjunction with rope access professionals as a solution to the demands and challenges of their every day jobs.
From $184.00

Spec-Static™ (Low Elongation Polyester)

Constructed of 100% low-elongation polyester fibers with a 48% sheath mass by rope weight for long life.
From $1.10

BlueWater II Plus™ 7/16 Inch

The rope that made us famous, BlueWater II+plus, is the standard for use in caving, rappelling and rescue applications.

1260 Assaultline® 7/16 Inch

AssaultLineĀ® is THE original low visibility, low elongation rope.
From $1.03

ProTac™ Static Rope

Polyester sheath braided over a double twist nylon cable core.
From $1.09

ArmorTech™ Technora

A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as Arc-Flash, Welding and Helicopter Rappelling. Now available in Black.
From $2.10

Hybrid SearchLine™ and EscapeLine™ (NFPA)

Sheaths use a 50/50 ratio of Kevlar for fire resistance and bright orange polyester for visibility in low light situations.

NFPA Escapeline™

Polyester sheath with nylon core.

Military SPIE Rope

All Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) ropes are made in accordance with drawings 829 AS 201-1, and come with 10 D-ring attachment points.
From $1,500.00


Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction Systems provide efficient and safe methods for inserting and evacuating personnel to and from specific targets.