Mechanical Advantage Kits

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6102 Yates/SMC HX Hauling Kit

Completely rigged and ready to go, this new hauling kit is designed for all around medium hauling, pick off, and confined space rescue situations.

6106 Yates Mini Haul 4:1 Kit

Deluxe mini haul including easy to release Kong Duck for progress capture.

6107 BlueWater Mini Haul 4:1 Kit

Utilizes 35 feet of 8 mm Technora rope with nylon core for superior strength, low stretch and sharp edge resistance. Rope also features sewn end terminations for strength, compactness and safety.

6108/6110 Yates/RSI Haul Safe Kits

Completely rigged and ready to go!
From $597.00

8004 Yates 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Kit

Pre-rigged 4:1 mechanical advantage kit contains all necessary equipment needed for a pig-rig (piggyback, ganged-on) raising system.