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2710/7213 Traverse Titan Rescue Stretcher

Features StratLoad attachment points which allow bridles to be attached inside of the top rail.
From $671.00

434 Sierra Safety Litter Pre-rig

Designed by Sierra Safety, this new litter pre-rig is really deluxe.

435 Stokes Litter Pre-rig

Fully adjustable spider intended for use with any stokes litter.

436 Litter Cover

Made from durable vinyl fabric, this stretcher cover protects a stretcher and contents from the most extreme weather conditions.

436FR Litter Cover

Made from flame retardant canvas duck material. This cover protects a stretcher and contents from damage from amber's during operations when the stretcher is located on top of wildland fire engines.

437 Adjustable Stretcher Strap

Loops around litter rail and attaches to rescuer.

445 Backboard Strap

15 foot adjustable backboard strap used for patient restraint.

7230/7231 Traverse Gazelle Rescue Stretcher

Designed as a durable and versatile light duty disaster response stretcher.
From $320.00

7261 Traverse Advantage Rescue Stretcher

The Traverse Advantage Plastic Stretcher combines a fully internal stainless steel frame with a high-density polyethylene plastic shell that protects the patient and provides a smooth bottom surface if you need to slide the stretcher.

900/903 Yates Spec Pak

The Spec Pak system utilizes an integrated polyethylene board along the back to reduce wear and create a smooth sliding surface for confined space operations.
From $1,400.00

905 Yates Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System

New lifting bridle system allows for horizontal, semi sitting and semi-vertical (75 degree) positioning of the patient.

905WT Spec Pak Wind Turbine Lifting Bridle System

This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of development of suspension syndrome.