New Products

364NC SPIE Lanyard

22 inch lanyard made of 7000 lbf. (31kN) nylon webbing. Designed to girth hitch to dorsal D ring of Yates Stabo or Extraction harness for SPIE extraction operations.

529CLT 20 ft. CarbonLite Rescue/Assault Ladder

Offers the opportunity to scale urban buildings from the outside using standard aid techniques.

DMMVT DMM Vault Tool Holder

The DMM Vault is a secure and durable tool holder that can be used on everything from harnesses and kit bags to vehicles.

MHP55 Rock Exotica 2.6 Inch Material Handling Block

The Rock Exotica Omni Blocks combine a swivel with a ball bearing pulley.

Sierra/Yates Advance Tech System

Completely rigged and ready to go 4 to 1 Mechanical advantage system.

7012-HV KASK High-Vis Super Pasma Helmets

Kask Super Plasma Helmets, made in Italy offer the highest level of safety to all those who work at height in hazardous industrial environments.
From $149.00

7041 Yates/CMC SkySaddle™

Adjunct suspension seat designed for use in conjunction with a fall arrest or work positioning harness (Voyager, Rope Access and Tower Access Harnesses).

1440 Petzl Jag System

Versatile pulley system allows pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, used in tensioning a system...

1774 Steel 7/16" Mod. D Quik-Lok Black

Omega Pacific Steel 7/16" Mod. D Quik-Lok Carabiner, Black

Yates Positioning Lanyard 6 ' w/RAD Adjuster - Black

NEW Adjustable positioning lanyard with new BLACK BlueWater ArmorTech™ Rope Lanyard and ISC RAD Adjuster. Certified to ANSI.

7017 FR Sunbrero

We pleased to release the new FR rated Sunbrero.


The yellow SC2 earmuffs are specifically designed to fit the KASK Helmets.

7009VISOR KASK Zenith Helmet Visors

Visors designed specifically for the Kask Zenith Helmets. Available in Clear or Smoke Addition of visor is great enhanced eye protection.
From $19.50

7009W/7009Y KASK Zenith E-Rated Helmets

KASK Zenith E-Rated Helmets, offer the highest level of safety to all those who work at height in hazardous industrial environments. Zenith Helmets have a non-vented ABS external shell to offer the ultimate in head protection for falls, impact and electrical hazards.
From $135.00

464D Cobra D-Ring CQB Belt(1.5")

Heavyweight 1.5 inch CQB Riggers belt with built in Cobra buckle V ring.
From $95.00