New Products

Yates Heli Short Haul A-Frame System

Can be used on any short haul system to attach personnel to lthe long lines utilized in short haul programs.

911 Yates Cave Rescue Spec Pak

Modified version of Spec Pac system specifically designed for Cave Rescue operations.

1836ANSI Yates Quicklock Carabiner

Super lightweight aluminum forged carabiner for tactical, rescue, rigging and rope access applications.

529CLT 20 ft. CarbonLite Rescue Ladder

Offers the opportunity to safety rescue an un-injured worker who has deployed a fall protection lanyard.

390LPK Lanyard Parking Breakaway Attachment

Lanyard Parking Breakaway Attachment for Fall Protection Harnesses.

572DL Quick Disconnect FROG Canine Leash

572DL Quick Disconnect FROG Canine Leash. FROG Canine leash is rated fully structural and can be use as a retention lanyard in a helicopter. Unique Kong Frog quick release mechanism on one end (Strength 15kN)

Grounding Bar Short Haul System

Designed to allow easy and secure transfer Grounding Bars to transmission towers during Short Haul Operations.

1137 Yates TriLock® ANSI Harness Carabiner

Super lightweight aluminum forged carabiner certified to use on any YATES Full Body Harness.

ArmorTech™ Technora Rope

A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as Arc-Flash, Cutting, Grinding and Welding.
From $1.90

FAST Rope Rappel Device Kits (Trango)

These kits allow an operator to take a dog or a person who can not FAST rope down a FAST rope.

874 NEW FR 100% Tie Off & Tie-Back, 6 ft. w/6-12ft. Free Fall Potential

NEW FR 100% Tie Off, Armortech Rope Tie-Back lanyard. Large Hooks. 6/12ft Free Fall Potential Twin lanyard legs are made from 13mm BlueWater Armortech Rope. Maximum length 6 ft. Arc Flash Rated. Great for welding applications.

"NEW" Spectra® Fall Protection Tear Tapes

Yates Gear has developed "State-of-the-art" technology in shock absorbing tear tapes.

1445/1446 ISC HaulerBiner Systems

Versatile pulley system allows pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, used in tensioning a system...

828 Kevlar Tower/Ladder Lanyard w/ Alum Hooks - 12 Ft. FF

6 foot Kevlar webbing Tower/Ladder Lanyard w/ Alum Hooks - 12 Ft. FF

364NC SPIE Lanyard

22 inch lanyard made of 7000 lbf. (31kN) nylon webbing. Designed to girth hitch to dorsal D ring of Yates Stabo or Extraction harness for SPIE extraction operations.

529CLT 20 ft. CarbonLite Rescue/Assault Ladder

Offers the opportunity to scale urban buildings from the outside using standard aid techniques.

DMMVT DMM Vault Tool Holder

The DMM Vault is a secure and durable tool holder that can be used on everything from harnesses and kit bags to vehicles.

MHP55 Rock Exotica 2.6 Inch Material Handling Block

The Rock Exotica Omni Blocks combine a swivel with a ball bearing pulley.