"NEW" Spectra® Fall Protection Tear Tapes

Yates Gear has developed "State-of-the-art" technology in shock absorbing tear tapes.

Yates Gear has developed "State-of-the-art" technology in shock absorbing tear tapes.

Past generation tear tapes all required a structural backup webbing following the tear tapes to accomplish the 22kN (5,000 lbf) ANSI requiresd ultimate strength. YATES latest technology has incorperated Spectra® fibers into the core of the tear tape webbing so that a back up webbing is no longer required. This results in a loss of bulk in the shock pack of approximately 50%.

The Yates SPRAT Lanyard which is 4 ft in length has been tested under 6 ft Freefall potential standard, which allows a maximum elongation of 48". We tested the SPRAT lanyard at full FF2 (8ft FreeFall) and it passed.

The Standard 6 foot lanyards that Yates is now producing with this new tear tape is quite unique. It passes both 6 ft Free Fall(Factor 1) and 12 Ft Free Fall(Factor 2) criteria. The 6-12ft. Free Fall tear tapes start activation at 900 lbf. average activation, then half way threw the deployment diatance it ramps up to 1,350 lbf for a maximum deployment distance of 60". We have replaced the steel D-Ring connector between the shock pack and lanyard legs with a forged 2" aluminum O ring. The new tear tape system will reduce total lanyard weight by slightly over one half of a pound.

Third party certified to ANSI/ASSE Z359.12-2009.