NEW "Black Zink Nickel" YATES Hardware Plating Process


YATES GEAR has developed a unique plating process for Steel Hardware(Adjusters and D-Rings) used in all Yates Harnesses and Auxiliary Equipment. The industry standard for steel hardware currently is a Cadmium Plating process. ANSI and NFPA Testing Standards only require hardware to pass a 50 hr Salt Spray Test for compliance. Over the years we have seen a continued problem with steel hardware on harnesses developing excessive corrosion and rust over the life of a harness. This can result in result in premature retirement of otherwise functional equipment. Corrosion problems on harness hardware is not a problem unique to only Yates Gear, it is an industry wide issue seen in many harnesses used in the more severe environmental conditions. Hardware exposed to prolonged salt air exposure seem to be the most effected, this is seen routinely in work environments offshore or in proximity to coastal areas.

Over the last two years Yates has extensively researched alternative plating processes that would result in a dramatic increase in corrosion resistance of steel hardware used on Yates Equipment.

We discovered a plating process "Black Zink Nickel" that the US Military uses on steel firearm parts to reduce the chances of corrosion.  "Black Zink Nickel" has outstanding Salt Spray Test results. All test samples exceed 1000 hrs in salt spray testing.

Yates Gear is currently incorporating this new plating process into all hardware used on harnesses as well as all auxiliary webbing products.

This unique "State-of-the art" plating process will guarantee extended life span to Yates products under the most extreme conditions.

Picture of NEW "Black Zink Nickel" YATES Hardware Plating Process "Black Zink Nickel" Plating Process after 1000 hr Salt Spray test, "No Rust".

1159 Standard Cadmium Plating after extended field exposure to the elements.