Rappel and FAST Rope

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1260 Assaultline® 7/16 Inch

AssaultLine® is THE original low visibility, low elongation rope.
From $1.03

Yates Heli Short Haul A-Frame System

Can be used on any short haul system to attach personnel to lthe long lines utilized in short haul programs.

Yates Heli Short Haul Weight Bag

Can be used on any short haul system to stabilize the short haul rope when flying without personnel on the system.

Short Haul Weight Cover

Aids in protecting the HEL-RP-WGT from premature wear. Made from super duty tarp material.

ArmorTech™ Technora

A new concept in rope, designed for high heat situations such as Arc-Flash, Welding and Helicopter Rappelling. Now available in Black.
From $2.10


Fast Rope Insertion & Extraction Systems provide efficient and safe methods for inserting and evacuating personnel to and from specific targets.