The FAA requires that any equipment used for Helicopter external loads(short-haul) and hoisting must be individually serialized. All Yates Helo-Ops equipment now comes with individual Lot and Serial Numbers.

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338-ARS Heli-Ops Harness

Designed specifically for heli-rappel and short haul and hoist operations with a single frontal attachment point. NEW TSO-C167 Certified.

388 Heli-Ops Harness

Designed specifically for heli-rappel and short haul operations with a single frontal attachment point located two inches below a standard sternal attachment point, 4 inches above normal waist attachment.

361 Special Ops Full Body Harness

A full body harness and tactical load bearing vest are combined offering a unique product for civilian Special Operations and SWAT personnel. This modular harness and tactical vest combination was originally developed by Survival Inc. as the Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction Systemâ„¢ (JSAVES) for US Air Force helicopter pilots and crew.
From $695.00

363 Special Forces Full Body SPIE Harness

Designed for use as a full body harness for insertion and extraction (SPIE) applications. Works well for emergency egress from multistory buildings or rooftops.

360 Stabo/Tactical Full Body Harness

Specially designed for rapid rappel and extraction operations.

355 Extraction Harness

Used by many agency personnel for short haul, rappel and extraction (SPIE) operations.