Full Body Harnesses

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335 Heavy Rescue Harness

Well suited for all fire rescue, rescue, military, industrial, confined space and commercial applications where a Class III harness is required including dorsal D ring.

338-ARS Heli-Ops Harness

Designed specifically for heli-rappel and short haul and hoist operations with a single frontal attachment point. NEW TSO-C167 Certified.

353/352A/352B Lightweight Assault with Tactical Full Body Chest

Full body harness designed for short haul, rappel, and extraction (SPIE) operations.
From $245.00

355 Extraction Harness

Used by many agency personnel for short haul, rappel and extraction (SPIE) operations.

360 Stabo/Tactical Full Body Harness

Specially designed for rapid rappel and extraction operations.

361 Special Ops Full Body Harness

A full body harness and tactical load bearing vest are combined offering a unique product for civilian Special Operations and SWAT personnel. This modular harness and tactical vest combination was originally developed by Survival Inc. as the Joint Services Aircrew Vest and Extraction Systemâ„¢ (JSAVES) for US Air Force helicopter pilots and crew.
From $695.00

363 Special Forces Full Body SPIE Harness

Designed for use as a full body harness for insertion and extraction (SPIE) applications. Works well for emergency egress from multistory buildings or rooftops.

366 Fall Safe Harness

Manufactured from custom made webbing to offer a lightweight, durable harness.

366B Riggers Fall Safe Harness

All black version of the Fall Safe Harness, designed for the stage rigging industry where workers are put in a position where they need to be of low visibility.

367 Fall Safe Pro/Victim Harness

Designed with a safety vest built into the harness for high visibility and ease of donning.

380 Voyager Harness

The Voyager has become the standard of the rescue professional who needs a versatile harness with multiple attachment points.

380R Voyager Riggers Harness

For professional use in stage rigging and construction applications where a lightweight Class III harness with positioning rings and multiple attachment points are desired.