Full Body Harnesses

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384 Technical Rescue II Harness

A tuned down super lightweight version of the popular Voyager Harness.

384ZL Zip-Line Harness

A tuned down super lightweight version of the popular Tech Rescue II Harness designed specifically for Zip-Line use.

386 Basic Rigging Harness

A tuned down super light weight version of the Voyager Riggers harness at a very attractive price.

387 Basic Rope Access Harness

Rope Access Harness with simple Y1 leg buckles.

387P Basic Rope Access Professional Harness

A state-of-the-art version of out popular Basic Rope Access harness.

388 Heli-Ops Harness

Designed specifically for heli-rappel and short haul operations with a single frontal attachment point located two inches below a standard sternal attachment point, 4 inches above normal waist attachment.

390 RTR Tower Access Harness

Together with Ropes That Rescue Ltd., we designed this harness to meet the demands of the transmission line worker, structural access professional and arborist.

390FRA Rope Access Lineman Harness

Designed In conjunction many of the western utility companies including PG&E, Yates has designed the 390FRA harness to meet the needs of the transmission tower worker who in now utilizing rope access techniques.

390FRC Construction Lineman Harness

In conjunction with PG&E, Yates has re-designed the 390FR harness to the new 390FRC Harness to meet the stringent requirements of ASTM F887-13 Electric Arc-Flash rating for personal climbing equipment.