Yates Heli Short Haul A-Frame System

Can be used on any short haul system to attach personnel to lthe long lines utilized in short haul programs.
SKU: AFrame

Yates A Frames were origionally developed and approved for the Short Haul Programs for DOJ, CAMP, BLM, NPS and USFS. Yates A-Frames are now utilized my Electric Utility short Haul Programs. Yates A-Frame is now constructed with offset double locking snap hooks(5,000 lbf mbs) that allow the user to attach to both sternal and waist level D rings on their full body harnesses at the same time. The sternal attachment is designed to take te primary load while the user is suspender thus allowing the waist attchment to be utilized as a backup attachment.

Upper three stage A-Frame carabiner that is connected to the short haul line is rated at 50 kN. 10,000 Webbing is used on individual A-frame legs.

Sold as a set of two.


Products specifications
Weight 22 lbs.
Origin Made in USA