The yellow SC2 earmuffs are specifically designed to fit the KASK Zenith Helmets.

The yellow SC2 earmuffs are suitable for environments with a medium to high level of noise (dB). The best choice in high frequency noise situations.
Suitable for a wide variety of uses such as: building and construction, forestry use, industrial areas, production areas, agriculture, etc.

Attachment to the helmet with a bayonet adapter
Universal 30 mm euro slot
Performance differentiated by colour
Smooth telescopic size regulation
Certified for use with KASK Zenith and Super Plasma helmets

CE EN 352 / ANSI S3.19 / CSA

Note additional Adapter set Part #7009ADAPT Cost $9.95 

Kask Bayonet Adapter Set for Ear Muffs use on Super Plasma Helmets

The Kask Bayonet Adapter Set for Ear Muffs is installed directly onto Zenith helmets so that Kask Ear Defenders can be attached to Plasma, Super Plasma and HD helmets. This adapter set is required for installing Kask SC1SC2, and SC3 Ear Defenders.