BlueWater NSN Products List



BlueWater Products with associated NSN Numbers.


AssaultLine Rappelling Rope

508760 Rope, Fibrous  4020015266234 7/16 inch Assaultline x 600 ft. spool

508730 Rope, Fibrous 4020014119053 7/16 inch Assaultline assigned that reflects a 300 foot spool length.

501715BK Rope, Fibrous 4020015708815 7/16 inch Assaultline is the same rope in a 150 foot hank


ProTac Rappelling Rope

The stock number/ description is 11.2 mm Protac Rope, Fibrous 4020015587446


Dynamic Rope

10.2 mm Eliminator Rope, Fibrous 4020015587445


Accessory Cord

7mm Accessory Cord:  Rope, Fibrous 4020014005864