Designed with a small loop bartacked into one end of this 5" sling.

14mm Dyneema 
ITEM# 652 $6.00


Dog Bone's


Short slings used for quick draws. Can be doubled for shorter length. 12" sling (SPEED DRAW) has small loop bar tackes at on end to secure carabiner.

Dyneema 14mm
ITEM# 628  12" $5.00
Twisted Sister Slings Twisted Sister Slings


* 14mm Dyneema® webbing with a 3" loop sewn at each end. Available in a 3' and 12' lengths. 10' & 10' Runners can be used as equaliaing anchors.
* Strength: 3800 lbs / 17kN. (end to end). (3" Loop at each end).
* Doubles Strength: 5175lbs. / 23kN

ITEM# 663  4' $17.00
ITEM# 664  5' $18.00
ITEM# 665   6' $20.00
ITEM# 666   8' $22.00
ITEM# 667   10' $25.00
ITEM# 668  11' $26.00
ITEM# 669  12'


Ice Rabbit 12" Stiffener one end.    $+1.00
Custom Lengths Available         Call
Rabbit Runners


Made of 1" Heavy Duty 6000lb. Type 18 Mil-Spec. flat webbing with a 6" loop sewn at each end. Flat webbing is more resistant to abrasion cutting than 1" tubular webbing. Lengths: 4-8ft, Custom sizes available. Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange. End to end Strength: 5500lbs(24.5kN)

ITEM# 670   2' $14.00
ITEM# 672   3' $15.00
ITEM# 674   4' $17.00
ITEM# 676   6' $19.00
ITEM# 678   8' $21.00
ITEM# 675 10' $23.00


Top Rope Runner


Standard length slings sewn in a continuous loop: 24" & 48". (Custom lengths available).

14mm Dyneema
ITEM# 656  24" $10.00
ITEM# 657   36" $13.00
ITEM# 658   48" $16.00
11/16" Nylon
ITEM# 636   24" $5.75
ITEM# 637   36" $8.25
ITEM# 638   48" $10.00
Spectra Sewn Sling


Left: 11/16 Nylon Webbing. Middle: 14mm Dyneema® Webbing,
Right: 11mm Dyneema® Webbing

Yates Sewn Slings are offered in thre types of webbing designed for various applications 11/16" Nylon, 14mm Dyneema, and "New" 12mm Spectra
11/16" Nylon Webbing: This standard webbing is used for multi-purpose applications. Economical pricing makes this a good choice for entry level climbers and all around use. Runner Strength: 23kN.
11mm & 14mm Dyneema Webbing: "Dyneema" webbing consists of a blend of Dyneema and Nylon fibers woven together to form a webbing that has superior properties. The bonus of Dyneema fiber is that it is stronger, lighter and absorbs less water compared to Nylon. The down side of Dyneema is that it melts at a much lower temperature than Nylon. We have developed an exclusive weave pattern for our 11mm and 14mm Dyneema webbing that maximizes the benefits of both fibers. Our weave pattern has been shown to be superior in abrasion and snagging tests. Our Unique Nylon edge weave eliminates Dyneema fibers snagging on crystals and “pulling” from the webbing!
Runner Strength 11mm webbing: 22kN.

Runner Strength 14mm webbing: 22kN.

1" Tubular  
ITEM# 700 $ .66/ft
14mm Dyneema  
ITEM# 710 $ .97/ft
ITEM# 720 $ .45/ft


YATES GEAR now offers re-slinging service for all makes and models of camming devices.

YATES GEAR is the US authorised service center for re-slinging cams for WILD COUNTRY, and DMM.

Most factory colors and sizes can be matched.

11/16 Nylon Webbing and 14mm Spectra®,
Webbing is available


SLING   4 1/2"

$6.00 EA.


SLING 4-8"

$7.00 EA.

Please fill out either a Word Doc or PDF file of the Worksheet and send it in with your cams for Reslinging.
Information Sheet Worksheet
PDFSlinging_instructions-1.pdf PDF


We no longer have 12mm Dyneema available.

We will no longer be able to resling cams older than 10 years. Yates Gear reserves the right to decline reslinging of any cams we feel are unsafe because of there condition of use. (ie. Please do not send us cams that are used up and thrashed!) It will be up to the customer to determine the age and condition of their cams before sending them in to us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We can not do Tricams.

We will not re-sling bare cabled cams.

Please send cams in clean.

Please remove the old slings from your cams before

sending them in. 


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Phone: 530.222.4606     Fax: 800.YATES.16